Share the Spirit Year Round

We love to celebrate Frankie’s birthday and there’s no reason to limit the celebration to just one day or week of the year. Please feel free to share your “random acts of kindness” anecdotes here year round.

Ways to celebrate all year round:

  • Submit a Frankie Spirit Award.
  • Write a guest blog post submitted to to
  • Send us photographs or videos to post on the blog to
  • Share your story, below!

Share your story! We encourage dancers from all over the world to  share their stories here. They might be stories about Frankie, or an experience of  a dance, a moment or a person that touched them and reminded them about or made them feel Frankie’s spirit.

share your storyWe all know how touching it can be when someone acts kindly towards us. Did someone act kindly toward you when you were a beginner? Was a stranger friendly toward you when you visited from another city? And let’s not forget how rewarding it can be to extend kindness toward someone else. Frankie embodied the spirit of generosity and fellowship and you can also include stories of your own of actions taken in his spirit. Maybe you were the experienced dancer who asked a beginner to dance or behaved generously in a way that reminded you of Frankie or was inspired by his example. 

Frankie's example

Share the love and reply with your stories!


4 thoughts on “Share the Spirit Year Round

  1. I went through a period of Lindy vagabonding around the world and it still amazes me how many people were willing to open up their houses (couches) and welcome me into their space simply because I’m a fellow Lindy Hopper. I think that we forget how unusual that kind of generosity can be but it’s really one of the amazing things about our community. To everyone who ever hosted me, THANK YOU!!!

  2. I was in Korea traveling to Suwon City for the first time. I did not know the language so when traveling by land I always get worried that I would take the wrong bus or train and end up some place I’m not supposed to be. (it happened twice, to me while there…) Anyways, I was on a travel bus and it was packed! However, I was the only one who had a seat next to him available. This old Korean woman, who I will call Halmoni, comes in and looks up and down the aisle for a seat. Looking past me, through me, trying to avoid taking the only available seat next to me. She finally looked towards me and with a beaten look on her face, sat down in and jammed her elbow directly into my side. Establishing dominance perhaps, maybe making room, i am a big guy after all, I don’t really know. I just know there was definite negative vibes coming off her. She DID NOT want to sit next to me. Or be anywhere near me. But, we were too be seated together for the next hour with no stops…or breaks. So, I kept to myself and made sure I gave her more room than she needed, just so she could feel comfortable, and so she wouldn’t hurt me anymore…..
    When we finally got moving, I took out my phone which had all the Frankie Social dancing footage I could find online, and I started watching them. (Something I typically like to do on long rides anywhere.) Halmoni, curiously enough, was slowly peering over my shoulder to look at what I was doing, and when my gaze would slowly turn towards her, she would quickly look away. It was almost cartoon like…so after a few rounds of backwards peek-a-boo, I decided to give her my phone. As she was looking away from me at the time, I poked her gently on her shoulder and passed her my cell. I played the Frankie Video’s and watched her smile. She LOVED it, I was going to leave her with it and go back to “my side” but she pulled me close, motioned for me to hold the other side of the phone and we watched them together. Hovering over Frankie doing incredible things between us. Suddenly all that negative energy….GONE. The big gap that I created to make her feel more comfortable was torn away by Frankie, he brought me and Halmoni closer for a few minutes. It was a very warm feeling. Like you’re sitting next to a friend.
    Shortly before her stop, she asked me where I was going in Suwon. As she left, she gave me a hug, and said “Goodbye, Lindy Hop” Lindy Hop, of course, being my name. (something was lost in translation)……. And literally, yelled at the bus driver to make sure he stops at my stop. Then she got off.
    It was one of the most pleasant experiences I had ever had in Korea.

  3. My wife and I had been intending to get back into dancing recently. Unfortunateily, after 33 years of marriage, she died in 2012. We took swing dance lessons way back when we were dating. In the months following her passing, I decided I could dance anyway and signed up for Lindy Hop lessons. I have been Lindy Hopping for 6 months now and have to say it has become my best form of therapy as I grieve the loss of a great woman.

    On this website I just discovered our anniversary, May 26th, is Frankie’s birthday! This is a day that could be sad, but now I will always remember the joy I had with her and try to dance on our day, thanks to Frankie.

  4. 2012 Herrang!! I met Mandi Gould , who comes from Frankie Foundation. The magic kept coming in my life. Even thought I never met Frankie In person, but Mandi she deliver the great image about him.
    When Frankie Dance with girls, he was so gentlemen, always bow, treat girls like princess.This was the most value thing I ever learn in my life, inspire me so much, He’s spirit still affect us, In Taiwan!!! In this great day, we honor Frankie, and Bow 🙂 Thanks Frankie Foundation, for Judy Pritchett and Mandi :)))

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