Submit your Videos! (99 Choreos)

We invite Lindy hoppers around the world to perform and post a video of this dance, in a global tribute to Frankie!


Choreographed by his students Ewa Burak and Lennart Westerlund, this routine references some of Frankie’s signature steps that he used to teach. So get together with some friends, learn the choreo and post a video from your home town! You can add to the choreography, embellish it, lengthen it, shorten it, whatever you feel works. Get creative – this is Lindy hop!

Film it, then post/submit it in the comments below and we’ll add it to the website…

How to Participate – Step by Step

  1. Once the video is up, follow the video (and the notes below for reference) to learn the Frankie 99 choreography! 
  2. Film your community dancing the choreo and upload it to YouTube with the tag Frankie99 and the title “Happy Frankie 99 from XXX” (ex. Happy Frankie 99 from Singapore, Happy Frankie 99 from Toronto, etc.)
  3. Be creative! The film might be at your Frankie 99 party or you might film it on another day in an interesting setting. Think costumes, props, location, anything you like to make it fun and festive. 
  4. Share your video link in the comments below and we’ll add it to the website. 

SONG: Tuxedo Junction (Erskine Hawkins) 1940 

Do The HopClick HERE to buy the song.

LET’S DO THE HOP – FRANKIE MANNING – 19 Songs picked by Frankies friends – This non profit project supports THE FRANKIE MANNING FOUNDATION.

Choreo Reference Notes:

1st Phrase – Swing Out Phrase* with Variations
1. Swing out from closed (Follower “Heels” variation)
2. Swing out (Follower Kick in & Away)
3. Swing out (Follower “Heels” variation)
4. Lindy Circle

2nd Phrase – Promenade Phrase
5. Promenade
6. Promenade
7. Promenade with Follower send out
8. Lindy Circle

3rd Phrase – 6 Count Phrase
1. Under the Arch/Tuck Turn with hand change to hand shake (6 Counts)
2. Right to right pass moving the Follower under the arm, then sent behind and to side. Leader moves the right to take the Follower’s hand. (6 Counts)
3. Traveling basic to prepare for Follower send out (6 Counts)
4. Tuck Turn with Follower arm block into a turn in place (6 Counts)
12. Lindy Circle (8 Counts)

4th Phrase – Cha Cha Phrase
13. Double Tuck Turn with Leader coming behind Follower. Leader replaces the last triple step with a step step to get on the same foot as the Follower.
14. Cha Cha step – Leader and Follower back and forth (2 four counts)
15. Cha Cha step – Leader and Follower back and forth (2 four counts)
16. Twist Twist Twist Twist Follow Spin – twist the Follower on 1,2,3,4 then release into a 1.5 turn to end in open position.

Visual Choreo Chart:
(click on the image to view a larger version)

Frankie 99 Choreo


160 thoughts on “Submit your Videos! (99 Choreos)

  1. Shanghai Swings dancers and visiting dancers from US, Canada and Beijing celebrating Frankie’s 99 Birthday, May 26, on the Bund. This is just the preliminary version. Pictures from the Frankie 99 party in the evening will be added when we collected them from all the participants!

  2. We are happy to present our video from Paris,
    We teached this routine in our class and all this people were so enjoyed to learn it. Was difficult to have everybody because it was recording during the week but so cool anyway…
    Happy birthday Frankie from Paris…
    Paulo & Mélanie

  3. Happy Frankie99 from everyone at SavoyHop in Hertfordshire UK, we had great fun learning and filming the routine. Congratulations to everyone taking part it all looks amazing!

  4. This is from our Frankie 99 party in Charleston, SC. We had Classic Memories Big Band playing Tuxedo Junction and the students of the Roaring 20’s Hot Jazz Dance Club performed the choreography. Many of them are brand new students and were really excited to learn the choreography. Thank you Frankie and the global community for inspiring us and a new generation of Lindy Hoppers!

  5. It was great fun teaching the routine to my students from Donostia-San Sebastian and Bilbao. Thank you to everyone who took part in the Frankie’s Birthday celebrations on Saturday and Sunday: Lindy hoppers from Donostia, Bilbao, Pamplona, Biarritz…

    Happy Birthday Frankie! You will always be our inspiration.

    • Hi! Is there any problem with our video? I don’t know If we upload it right… We wait for your answer. We would like you to share it and contribute to the Global 99 Choreo.
      Thank you so much!

      Ana Mínguez

  6. I am sorry for posting the reference to incorrect version of our videoclip.

    The correct version of “Happy Frankie 99 from Moscow” is the following:

    Please replace the reference!

  7. Thank you for this idea and project! We had such a blast making our video!!
    Happy Frankie 99 from Cookeville, TN

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