Frankie Spirit Award

frankie-laughingEach group or community may self select dancers to receive the Frankie Spirit Award.

Present a Frankie Spirit Award to the person(s) in your scene that you think best embodies the spirit of Frankie Manning.

Winners will be added to the Frankie Birthday Blog

Criteria for the award includes:

• someone who is nice to everyone and always says yes when asked to
• someone who dances with joy
• someone who is a great ambassador for Lindy Hop
• someone who makes their partner feel like a queen/king
• someone who loves lindy hop and big band era swing music
• someone who is passionate about getting others involved
• someone who is humble
• someone that lifts people’s spirits and makes them happy

How can I nominate/award the Frankie Spirit Award?

This is open to any community/studio/school leader who is organizing a Frankie 99 party. You can announce the concept to your community and let the community nominate and vote. The organizer will then tally the votes and select winner(s). The choice of how many winners will be up to each community. Once they’ve been announced, decide how you would like to recognize your winner(s) at the Frankie 99 Party… with a jam or a plaque or a t-shirt – it’s up to you!

Party organizers should submit their winner(s) below.  We will add the winners to our Frankie Birthday Blog and to the Frankie Manning Foundation Facebook page.

Please include any photos of your winners by sending them to: