Frankie 100 Global Choreo

We invite Lindy Hoppers around the world to perform and post a video of this dance, in a global tribute to Frankie!

Frankie Manning originally choreographed The Lindy Chorus hoping that it would become a part of his legacy and we are pleased to further this part of his legacy by making it the official dance of the Centennial celebrations! Learn, dance and enjoy!

Music: Wednesday Night Hop, Andy Kirk*
Here’s the song on Grooveshark and YouTube.

How to Participate – Step by Step

  1. Follow the video to learn the Frankie 100 choreography, Frankie’s Lindy Chorus!
  2. Film your community dancing the choreo and upload it to YouTube with the tag Frankie100 and the title “Happy Frankie 100 from XXX” (ex. Happy Frankie 100 from Singapore, Happy Frankie 100 from Toronto, etc.)
  3. For mentions on other social media, please use #Frankie100
  4. Be creative! The film might be at your Frankie 100 party or you might film it on another day in an interesting setting. Think costumes, props, location, anything you like to make it fun and festive.
  5. Send an email to with a link to your video and we’ll add it to the Frankie 100 blog.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Global Frankie Celebrations page to register your event. 

Choreography Notes:
The dance begins with with the leader facing the audience.

4×8 intro – clapping

Phrase 1
Swing out
Swing out (footwork variation – optional)
Double under arm turn, lead follower to face forwards beside the leader.

Phrase 2
Charleston side by side
Charleston side by side
Charleston side by side
Texas Tommy break on 7 to handshake hold.

Phrase 3
Suzie Q starts left/open on 8, turning clockwise
Entrance to Tandem Charleston
Tandem Charleston start left back on 5
Tandem charleston
Crossover Charleston entrance

Phrase 4
Crossover Charleston
Crossover Charleston big kick exit on 3
Tuck turn rock step on 5
Hand to Hand Charleston first kick on 3

Phrase 5
Hand to Hand Charleston
Kick around to face 3 kicks, end slightly to each other’s left,
Leader steps on 8, follower holds on 8 (prep for rock step)
Slide back: Follows cross in FRONT of Leads. ORIGINAL PLACES



*Note that there is different music being used in the sample video to show the dance at a slower tempo, but unless the faster tempo is too difficult for your community, Wednesday Night Hop is the preference.


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