Q. Where can I find out more about Frankie 100?  

A. Please visit the specific website for the Frankie Centennial: frankie100.com

Q. How can I participate in Frankie 99? 

A. There are lots of ways to participate. You can follow some or all of the steps below to get involved:

Throw a Party! – Select a day as close to May 26th as possible to throw a dance with a birthday party theme in tribute to Frankie. Read more about party ideas here.


Add your event to the World Party Map. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to know you’re participating in something so big along with other people all over the world? Add your event to the map here.

Global 99 Choreo – Learn the Frankie 99 choreography! Film your community dancing the choreo and upload it to YouTube with the tag Frankie99. Share your video with us we’ll add it to the website.  Read more about the choreography here.

Frankie Spirit Award – Have your community nominate and select one lead and one follow from your scene that you think best embodies the spirit of Frankie Manning. Then present the awards at your Frankie 99 party! Read more about the Spirit Award here.

Raise the Roof and Raise some Funds – Consider your community’s ability to raise money to donate for the Frankie Manning Foundation. Your donations help to further Frankie’s legacy and realize his dreams through special Lindy Hop programs. Read more about charitable donations here.

World Lindy Hop Day – The Frankie Manning Foundation is proposing to declare May 26 World Lindy Hop Day! We need your help, support and funds to make this day a universally recognized and celebrated event as we will be appealing for UN’s support. Read more about WLHD here.

Q. We’d like to run a party but we need ideas!

A. We’ve outlined some party ideas here.

Q. How can I add my event to the World Party Map? 

A. We’ve outlined step by step instructions below the map here. If you’re still having problems, please contact us with your video link.

Other questions? Please contact us.